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Christian Louboutin: " A nude for every woman"
Some years ago I thought " Finally, someone got it!". I was referring to the "nude" concept by the wonderful Christian Louboutin (hereinafter also CL). His "Nudes" Collection in 2013 (when it was launched) included up to 5 tones (now 7), considering all the varieties of skin tones women have got across the Globe.
In response to popular demand from women around the world, Christian Louboutin is pleased to announce an extension of the brand’s innovative Nudes collection. Originally launched in 2013 with five shades of nude and four styles, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection sees the spectrum extended with two new skin-friendly hues, the porcelein Nude #1 and deep chocolate Nude #7, bringing the current range of colours available to seven. The expansive collection ensures that every woman can find a nude perfectly suited to her complexion. (ChristianLouboutin.com)
I loved this effort by him. It returns to my idea of "Responsible Shoe Business" as introduced in my post #1.4. This Red-Sole collection means respect, inclusion, acceptance, globalization, civilization, humanity, smartness and (why not?) business sniff. It's sad to realize racism is still in many "civilized" Countries all over the world. Perhaps some politicians are increasing divergences on this topic to feed what I call a "war among poors" just to get votes - no matter what then on (at least here in EU - but this is another story...).
Linda Sandino recognized this Red-Sole Collection as one of the "major moments in history that touch the world of design and manufacturing" (Politics, Crockery and the V&A, L.Sandino, 2014). At the Victoria&Albert Museum in London: in 2014 this CL Collection was exhibited by ceramic hands holding his Nude shoes (see pic here nearby).

To be honest many (if not all) of the CL tones have been already existing for years. Initially fashion community referred to PANTONE 12-0911 as "Nude" (Pantone on Fashion: a Century of Color in Design, Di Pantone, LLC,Leatrice Eiseman,E. P. Cutler). Louboutin' smartness in 2013 focused on branding almost all skin tones of women worldwide as a new avanguard concept of "nude" in footwear. It seems to me he's going to make this new concept of nude as the only one possible from now on. That's great to me!
In 2015 CL upgraded his Collection by extending to 7 the number of skin tones among which you can choose your best pair of nude shoes. So far, the lightest one is "Lea" (N.1) while "Ada" (N.7) is the darkest. These are the last two added in 2016. "Nats", "Maya" and "Safki", above all, range in between. (Pursuitist.com)
In 2016 Solasofia, a delicated pointed toe ballerina, joined Pigalle Follies 100 and Senora 100 in this Collection.
Let's check out what the Cinderella' Slipper Designer suggests us in this way. Nearby the already mentioned Solasofia flats and Degrarivierina Pumps, in his website the luckiest ones of us can choose among new Summer 2017 sandals, such as:

1. Christeriva, 875$
This perfect-Summer-party stiletto combines "carefree espadrille laces with a 100mm stiletto heel".

2. Cherry Sandal, 895$
This Summer Sandal has got "dazzles with a hint of illusion" by mixing transparent PVC slingback in a leather nude platform sandal having a "minimalist silhouette with high impact".
The innovated item in this stunning Collection is the material: a soft, flexible, matte nappa leather. The well-thought shades of colors mixed with these materials give to these shoes the right feeling of nudity.
Mr. Louboutin explains his new collection as follows:
“The shoes are there to give the woman an extra lift, not to take attention away from the legs and what she is wearing.”
"Nude" is not matter of colors! It regards the woman' silhouette by elongating her legs. These shades of nude give to female legs versatility, fluidity and allure of the whole body which this Shoe Designer goes on inspiring to. Moreover nude means neutral. This leaves women free to choose the rest of the outfit, including further accessories - not necessarily matching footwear. It's like a second-skin!
Deepik, 995$
Christian Louboutin’s Nudes Collection remains the only offering of its kind within the world of luxury footwear, even three years post-launch.

If you're already thinking about your fall season at the office, CL have the right nude pumps for you then! It's the case of Deepik (pic here above) and Dorissima, which in 2015 joined the classic Red-sole pumps, above all Pigalle, Simple Pump and Bianca. Deepik is a scalloped-edge, peep-toe stiletto. Love its "snake/new wave-heel"! Dorissima stands up as a single-sole, timeless pump with a heart-shaped toe box and a thin sky-high heel...perfect for the office! “It’s important to evolve the style and have fun with it” - CL said about Dorissima.


So Kate Nude, 675$
Another evergreen nude pumps is So Kate Nude (here on the left): thanks to its ideal heel height as “re-arranged in terms of toe cleavage,” it resembles the label’s most popular shoe "Pigalle". (Pursuitist.com). In celebration of The Nudes, this is an iconic shoe by CL.
Watch the video here about the full interview by CNN Lauren Booker to Christian Louboutin about his Nude Collection. From porcelain (N.1) to dark chocolate (N.7) the Nude Collection by Christian Louboutin is a flag of inclusivity challenging "the fashion industry's tendency to cater to paler complexions" (Debika Ray, 2014).


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