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AMAZONEU_SJP2altasqq-427x640.jpgDo you remember Carrie Bradshaw? The women' s hero fighting in love with Mr.Big? Well, it seems this character never leaves one of my favourite actresses I met for the first time in Hocus Pocus movie: Sarah Jessica Parker.

We admired her "metamorphosis" from that always-glamorous dark pointy hat side by side with her witch-sisters played by Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy to her daily fashion outfits on Sex and The City set. It seems the shoe love she showed by the amazing Carrie was true!

Rumors speak about a Fall Winter 2017 Capsule Collection (Amazon exclusivity) in footwear. This new line ofc branded with the full name of this actress regards shoes and boots with heels....dear Sex-And-The-City fans, get it?
When I read this for the first time I immediately thought about that blue Carrie's Manolo...that Hangisi pumps.

Pin as follows: I discovered this evergreen-item-in-the-whole-female-genre-wishlist will be updated with a lace version by the wonderful Manolo Blahnìk himself soon (further details here: Updated Hangisi).

Well, the SJP' s collection will include something similar: the Fawn decolletè (in the pic) available in three blue tones (Dash, Flirt and Wink) - to Amazon's delight.

To be honest this brand has been founded by the actress since 2014. Last March SJP launched a made-in-US bag collection. Thanks to this collaboration with Amazon Fashion (fully made in Italy) this brand will burst into the European market.

Sarah, better known by female fans as Carrie, remarks her choice to invest in high quality footwear leading her to start producing her shoes in Tuscany, Italy, by third-generation hand-crafts (category aka artists to me). Ofc this means also medium-high prices (from EUR 170 to 500) .

Check the website here: SJP Collection  

In the homepage of the above mentioned website you can easily stop on a sentence well summing up Sarah's concept of her shoe collection:
"Created with a Commitment to Quality, the Single sole and using color as a Neutral"
Meanwhile we're now excited in waiting for the Capsule Collection feat. Amazon Fashion, the Pre-Fall 17 footwear collection of the brand is already available in said website. Many trending colors, shapes, heels among which you can choose a new pair of shoes to start a new office outfit after your summer holidays in perfect Carrie's style!

...Does SJP let any woman feel like Carrie just for one day?


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