1.9 - Interchangeable Heels.


Once in a while wishes come true, ladies!

There are days when I wish to have different heights of heels for my shoes depending on my schedule. Usually women like wearing medium-high block heels in the office, something slower for a friendly walk and something higher for a romantic dinner. What if we have no chance to go back home and change our outfit for a chic night-out after work - at least our shoes? Well, it seems someone took care of us, ladies!

WO 2016179675 is a patent regarding "Women's shoe with detachable high heel, convertible into flat shoes, flat sandals and the like". Isn't this amazing? Basically, Roberto Stiefelmann, its assignee, provides different heights of heels for the same sample sole:
a women's heeled shoe with a shank having a recess for a quickscrew fastener which allows quickly removing and replacing the heel, and which, together with a flexible insole, preferably a PVC moulded insole, and an elastic junction in the quarters or vamp, allows a closed shoe with a heel to be converted into a flat shoe or a sandal-like shoe with a heel to be converted into a flat sandal, for example, or vice versa. The shoe also comprises a second screw or pin arranged radially in relation to the screw already available in the front side of the heel, thus remaining hidden under the shoe, this second screw the central, heel-fastening screw from becoming accidentally loose. The shoe also comprises a flange with an inner screw thread incorporated into the insole by pressing in such a way that screw positioning imperfections can be corrected by rotating the flange.
In the related Prior Art, patent US3646497 already claimed "Shoe with interchangeable heels" in 1972. The subsequent patent US4610100 (1986, therefore expired) opened the way to several new inventions in this field. Until 2016 when thanks to Mr. Stiefelman' s genius, a German company, Mime et moi, put shoes with five interchangeable heels in the market. Now their video is "viral" on the web (here above)!

Another brand producing this kind of shoes is Tanya Heath who seems combining luxury fashion design with multi-heels. She provides a mechanism ( based on US7954256 (2011) and US20130067770 (2013) ) typified by clicking the new heel on the sole of the shoe. The related clicking sound means a complicated gimmick "dimensioned to be pressed 5000 times and that you are using a very robust mechanical system".  In her website you may find different kind of heels, in terms of height, material, design and pattern. Parisian style never disappoints!
Tanya Heath
A further brand in this field is Mestrae, from Malaysia. In its website you may read as follows:
The road to Mestrae started from humble beginnings, it came from wanting to fulfill the needs and wants of the everyday woman, the mothers, the corporate climbers, the professional, the chef, the sisters and daughters, the modern woman who tries to do it all.
This is to remark the very aim for which this kind of interchangeable heels-shoes were born, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It's quite pretty to me to read in this Malaysian website about the company's efforts to balance between technology and style setting in footwear.
At Mestrae, we look forward to being trend setters and to continuously be creative and innovative in the world of fashion and technology.
It sounds familiar to me since my last posts regard just this futuristic relationship, aka "Engineering Footwear Industry". Whatever is the brand of your interchangeable heels, I hope you'll agree with me in including all these among the so-called "Smart Shoes" in terms of comfort.

In my home-country (Italy) they're still to be appreciated. I really believe in their potential and hope they'll reach the market success they deserve - for the good of our poor feet!

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