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We may say this is one of the best years for Italian shoe lovers (like me)! Indeed, since its beginning exhibitions about stunning shoe designers have been managed throughout the "Boot" (as we, as Italians, usually call our peninsula 'cause of its shape).

In this post I would like to post the main events you should not miss if you are planning to visit my Country during the coming 7 months!

Ofc, I couldn't miss Manolo Blahnìk in Palazzo Morando (Milan) on which I wrote post #07 . Unfortunately this exhibition lasted few weeks between March and April. You can still have a virtual tour thanks to the related video  on my YouTube Channel.

On May 13 at the Venice Biennale a special area (Padiglione Italia) opened as focused on luxury Fashion Brands, among which Renè Caovilla (Padiglione Venezia) ( pic here above), selected as representative of made-in-Italy footwear. The Venice-based brand particularly invested on luxury footwear making all women dream. The exhibition will last until Nov 26. Tickets are a bit over the standard range (20 EUR) due to the fact you're supposed to visit the whole event. By surfing on the web you can easily find articles and videos already about this, btw. It may be even a good chance to visit the Othello's city while drinking a Spritz "Al Merca" in a "bacareto" closed to Canal Grande or on Ponte Vecchio.

Moreover, few days ago Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence opened a new "vintage" exhibition inspired to his '20s collection. This shoe designer weared  the feet of some Icons, like Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn (here on the left with Mr. Ferragamo himself). This brand dictated footwear trends, particularly, between '20s and '60s. The exhibition will last almost for a whole year - you have time to arrange it! Ticket price: 6 EUR. You could get chance to visit Gucci and Pitto Palaces, as well. If you like wine, take time to drink a glass of Chianti on the Rinascente terrace during the sunset.

So far that's all! Pin these in your agenda! I'm already planning my visits to the last two. I'm confident they'll make my eyes bright once again, as it was with Manolo.

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