1.3 - The "responsible" side of Shoe Business


We're quite aware of thinking about Fashion Firms as business-oriented which means profit-oriented - no matter what! We often hear about those brands taking advantage from child-labour rather than new shapes of slaveness, or without considering enviromental risks at all. Since the best Solidariety silently walks underground with humilty beyond-human kindness, we know just a bit about those ones, instead, working for a better world. In this post I would like to mention some of them, giving them somehow space they deserve in this whispered "ant" work.
As Italian Shoe Blogger I must start with Tod's which supported San Patrignano Community (Italy) in producing leather bags (more details here: http://bit.ly/2pB5dns). SanPa, as commonly known, is a recovery community welcoming people suffering drug addiction and marginalization. It gives them a "second chance" in life by a rehabilitation programme (based on love). In this way Tod's gives opportunity to some of SanPa guests to get into labour and business markets. 

Moving to the Netherlands, Vimpex International Footwear group got the Dutch Royal Warrant award in 2014, above all, for its particular committment to improve employment conditions.

TOMS Founder, Blake Mycoskie (in the pic here above), started his career in Shoe Business in 2014 inspired by necessity of children growing up without shoes. Today the company is in over 70 Countries giving over 60 million pairs of shoes to children worldwide. This Shoe Firm is today committed also on clean water, safer birth and employment.

On the side of Child-friendly shoes (according to India Committee of the Netherlands), 19 companies, among which the 12 ETI members such as H&M, Primark, Inditex, Marks & Spencer, Next, TESCO, Sainsbury joined the Leather Working Group and MVO Nederland, to face adverse human rights and environmental impacts in their supply chain (data as up to 20 March 2017). Moreover, few days ago (12 May 2017) the Indian shoe company P A Footwear Ltd achieved the Gold Medal Award  by Leather Working Group, above mentioned.

We can get a few news about this whispering virtuous trend. Such approach to solidal shoe business can as absurd (?) spread profits towards more-conscious consumers worldwide. Social Networks, particularly Twitter, show how people are increasingly demanding "responsible" products - within fashion industry, too. An example was the huge campaign boycotting Nike Child-labour production in Asia few years ago.

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