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Mother's Day is coming! I would like to wish Her all the best by some shoe designers and their Mom and daughter matching shoes.

I was inspired by Sophia Webster (pic here below) and her collection for Moms and their little princesses. I think this was also a very smart marketing insight by this brand: the cute combo Mom-daughter is an increasing trend worldwide (even among celebrities!) and the best chance is indeed this celebration.
Sophia Webster
Lady Webster was not the only shoe designer thinking about wearing "family" feet.  Some of my favourite brands had the same idea: Valentino (here below) and Christian Louboutin  - to mention just two.
From the stunning heels to casual footwear (by Converse, Vans and Lamberjack, e.g.) and summer sandals (by Etsy). Many shoe designers are surfing on this "parental" trend. I must say "parental" because it regards parents, in general: both moms and dads (particularly sport brands, like Adidas and Nike).

When I was a child I used to play with my Mom's shoes. Who didn't? I could even not image my feelings in case of such a shoe-combo with her. Now as a young woman I'm moving rather on Mom's side ( it's not time for me, yet).

Although  my Mom and I had no chance to wear matching shoes during my childhood, nowadays I often don one of her pair of shoes I used to admire as a child (those few ones for which I could reach the right size, ofc). She was a shoe-lover more than me, jelously preserving vintage Chanels or Colettes in a big wardrobe today matching with my increasing footwear collection there inside, as well (poor Daddy!).

I didn't got from her just some of her glamorous shoes. I got her bravery as self-made-woman, her resilience to life-challenges, as well as her moody and strength. It's not necessary wearing matching shoes with your Mom to resemble her. You'll do in any case and anyhow!

....I'm pretty sure I will wear matching shoes with my future daughter ( if any), btw.

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