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Now I wanna focus on one of my favourite made-in-Italy footwear designers: Casadei. 
This brand was born in a small factory at San Mauro Pascoli (Italy) in 1958 as founded by Quinto e Flora Casadei. First target of this brand was focused on turists in Riviera. Thanks to the economic boom and the so called "made-in-Italy miracle", Casadeis  have increased production, market and profits in 10 years. Soon this small lab became an enterprise exporting in Germany and U.S.. Today its business growing is up to 20%/year with 16 flagship stores and a pretty new show-room in New York. Its' upon to open shops and corners in Russia, Cina and Middle East. Many worldwide celebrites love wearing a pair of C.'s pumps: to make just few examples: Beyoncè, JLo, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, and the Italians Eva Riccobono and Ilary Blasi. Last Casadei patent regards a new ornamental design on the sole of its shoes: a chain (USD730,033, May 26 2015). The State of Arts behind this patent attaches, above all, another interesting Casadei patent on this "chain sole" for heels (USD 657,944, Apr. 24 2012). One of the major differences between these two Casadei's inventions regards the extension of this motif along the sole of the shoes: while in the last one (2015), it seems running along the whole shoe - with predominant use in sneakers as we'll see in a bit - , in the previous one (2012) it appears just in the plateau. Differences between these two, then, are about new and innovative use and distinctiveness of the design. This motif therefore leads all Casadei collections from then on. As already mentioned, in Casadei Sneaker Collection SS2013 the rubber sole recalls this iconic item: "in soft nappa leather or suede, feature distinctive elements such as a hidden 8 centimeter wedge heel and a double face structure, which allows for them to be worn as a boot or bootie". In Casadei New Arrivals - SS17 Collection this motif comes once again. Particularly interesting to me the T-sandals (heirs of the above mentioned patent USD 657,944/2012) in Montana blue (one of SS17 trending colors.): leather heels, 140 mm with 40mm plateau and 100% made in Italy; price: 750 EUR (see pic here). This color leads all Casadei new collection, as shown in the last Insta-video. This blue is so gorgeous that reminds me to the sea where I come from!

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